TLI Certificate of International Teacher Leadership

*At the PTC, we aim to meet the changing needs of our international schools. We will continue to add, revise, and enhance course options based on research, and the feedback we receive from participants.

With this flexibility in mind, we have streamlined our TLI Certificate of International Teacher Leadership requirements to enhance the TLI experience, now and into the future.

The Principals Training Center offers teacher leaders the opportunity to earn a 'Certificate of International Teacher Leadership'. This certificate is an acknowledgement that the recipient has been trained for a teacher leadership position in an international school.

How can I earn the certificate?

The Certificate of International School Teacher Leadership is earned by completing four essential courses from the categories below:

  • Two regional Teacher Leader Institutes (2 days training during the school year)

  • Two summer Teacher Leader Courses (5 days training during June and July)

*Participants may take more than two of the courses as 5-day trainings.

All requirements can be met over a five-year period and taken in any order, though Leadership Tools for International Teacher Leaders is a foundational, overview course, that may be helpful to take first. To earn the TLI certificate, all four courses must be completed within six (6) summers.

Participants must take one category 1 and at least one course from categories 2 and 3.


Category 1 - Leadership

Category 2 - Continuous Growth (Must take ONE)

Category 3 - Teaching and Learning (Must take ONE)

Not sure whether to take TTC Teaching and Learning through Technology or TLI Digital Tools for International Leaders?
**TLI courses that are only available for TLI credit: Leadership Tools; Supervision Tools; Digital Tools