Empowering Students through Assessment 2-day (TLI104)

Research from a variety of countries in the last decade has demonstrated the powerful impact of particular classroom assessment strategies in improving student learning.  These strategies are effective because they provide the meaningful link between curriculum and instruction by supporting learners in identifying and closing ‘the gap’… i.e. the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Above all, these assessment tools are at their most powerful when in the hands of master teachers who understand their potential to democratize the classroom, put students in the driver's seat and truly empower students as agents of their own learning. Assessment, as a shared responsibility between teachers and students, has the power to transform classroom relationships, motivate learners, energize teachers – and ensure maximum student learning.

Teacher leaders - year or grade level leaders, heads of department and others- have a key role to play in ensuring these effective practices are routinely in place

With a focus on the skillls needed to lead these processes, participants will:

  1. Consider how the alignment of assessment and instruction can put students in control of their learning

  2. Practice strategies that demonstrate that sharing all facets of the learning agenda with students can empower them as learners – and build capacity for independence

  3. Develop and evaluate classroom assessments and rubrics that exhibit characteristics of effective design

  4. Engage with the transformational power of formative feedback – and the nature of a true feedback ‘loop’

  5. Explore practical methods of grading which SUPPORT rather than INHIBIT learning

  6. Practice ongoing assessment strategies and more fully understand that is the KEY tool in empowering both teachers and learners